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come to the Etruscan Land, shaped by fire and carved by water, where rocks are rising in fortresses and forests become bastions; a place where ancient and
modern come together to create a unique mix of history and beauty. Our Land will charm you with its distinctive colours: the tuff red of the rocks, the pink and
gray lava stone, and the black basalt. Then the endless shades of green, starting from the light one of the hazel and newborn wheat, to the deep green of chestnut
woods. You will be amazed by the silhouettes of the several mountains visible from every angle: the Soratte dominating Tiber Valley; the Fogliano, preserving like
a precious secret one of the eldest beech woods in Europe; the Monti Cimini, ancient volcanoes treasuring their ancient demiurgic power deep in the earth. You
will never forget the beauty of our hamlets where Ancient Times, Middle Age and Renaissance have been coexisting building a bridge with the present. You will
admire our architectural jewels and the quality of our life, so far from the urban hustle and bustle. Strolling around hushed alleys and old growth forests, you will
have the chance to listen to the black woodpecker drumming and to breath ground-scented air. You, too, will be enchanted by the magic of these places.
The Etruscan landscape is dominated by the volcanic complex of the Monti Cimini, creating a microclimate of heavy rainfalls and cool summers; combined with
the volcanic mineral ground, it gives an exceptional soil fertility. The remaining forest still in the area descends from the ancient Selva Cimina - sacred to the
Etruscans - dating back to the last ice-age; some wrecks are still visible within the Nature Reserve of the Lake Vico. The countryside is a composite eco-system
made up of natural elements, transformed by men since the innovation of agriculture. The Local Action Group “Etrusco Cimino” is in charge of the drafting and
implementation of the Local Development Plan "Integrated Development Intervention of the Monti Cimini" which main objective is the quality improvement of
the of food offer of the Etruscan Cimino countryside. The LAG Etrusco Cimino was established on 10th September 2009 as a non-profit association between public
and private entities. In addition to the six municipalities of the area (Capranica, Caprarola Carbognano, Fabrica di Roma, and Ronciglione Sutri) the following entities
(mostly trade associations) are part of it: CCIAA of Viterbo, the association of mountain municipalities ‘Monti Cimini’, the Ascom-Confcommercio of Viterbo, the
Confesercenti of Viterbo, the CIA Viterbo, Confagricultura of Viterbo, the Terra Nostra Association, the CNA of Viterbo, Confartigianato Viterbo, the Regional League
of Cooperatives of Lazio, the Confcooperative of Viterbo, the Confindustria of Viterbo, the Soc. Coop. Agricola Euronocciola, and the District of Viterbo. The purposes
of the LAG Etrusco Cimino are as follows: to promote the territory by supporting synergies among branches; to encourage the interaction between public and
private sectors; to provide technical support to the rural deve-
lopment; to disseminate best practices; to improve the quality
of life in rural areas; to foster innovation and training; to support
the development of farms and the recovery of rural heritage
buildings; to support the adoption of National and European
standards. Between 2007 and 2013 the LAG Etrusco Cimino has
supported 103 different projects, contributing with €5.098.560
equivalent to 105% of the funding allocated by the European
Union. The 58% of the resources have been used to finance
projects aiming at increasing the competitiveness of the agri-
cultural and forestry sector. The 24% was used to finance pro-
jects aimed to improving the quality of life in the rural areas
and to foster economic diversification. The management costs
for the whole period have been carefully contained, counting
the 13,5% of the total budget only.
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